Our play-based curriculum caters to each child's needs

The Purple Penguin Crèche uses an Emergent Curriculum. The Emergent Curriculum is a non traditional style of teaching that presents children with the gift of discovering the world around them by encouraging them to explore life through their own interests and passions.
It is “child lead” learning as opposed to “teacher directed” learning. For the Emerging Curriculum to work successfully within our service it requires creativity, flexibility, observation, documentation and patience.

The role of the childcare practitioner is to be a “co learner” instead of “head teachers” .We believes we must show a genuine openness to the children’s interests and ideas. We must follow the lead of the children and the practitioners can then create a stimulating environment with hope to further each individual child’s exploration and learning on certain topics.

Our objectives is to nurture positive social skill, encourage creative problem solving, support the developmental growth of the children and build a solid foundation from which children can stand on during life. 

We have an Inclusion Co-Ordinator whose role it is to provide leadership in relation to issues of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. More information can be found on the AIM website 


Assessments & Observations

We carry out two forms of assessments. These are Developmental observations and Aistear Assessments. Developmental observations tell us about a child’s development .They require the child to reach similar milestones. Aistear Assessment is the ongoing process of collecting, documenting, reflecting on and using information to develop rich portraits of children as learner’s in order to support and enhance their future learning.

Aistear & Siolta

At the Purple Penguin, we adhere to the National Frameworks of Aistear and Siolta. We use these two documents to develop a curriculum and a quality setting that caters for their holistic developmentwhere our children learn through play


Aistear is the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework and was published in 2009. It provides the curriculum framework from ages zero to six years. It caters for the holistic development of the child through four key themes – Well-Being; Identity and Belonging; Communications and Exploring and Thinking.


Siolta was developed in 2006 and is the National Quality Framework for childcare services.You can visit the Siolta website for more information and download the manual.

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